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Basement Tanking Glasgow

Specialist in basement waterproofing.

With basement waterproofing Glasgow you could transform your basement area in to a habitable living space or even for storage. Water ingress can be solved in any below ground structure with the correct technical procedure.

Many buildings contain uninhabitable, mouldy and damp basement walls with no waterproofing protection. Cellar walls, which typically form the foundation of the building, are generally sited underground, beneath the waterproof membrane layer that serves as the buildings damp proof course. Accordingly the wall is constantly subject to conditions favourable to penetrating dampness and water ingress via capillarity or fluctuating water tables.

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In order to waterproof underground structures and convert them into habitable and functional basement accommodation it is necessary to provide a fully sealed basement waterproofing or tanking system to ensure the moisture in the walls and floors is not permitted to migrate to the internal wall surfaces.

Hydro static pressure forces water in through openings in foundation walls through cracks and pipe penetrations caused by expansion and contraction of the footing-foundation wall joint and up through floor cracks. Hydro static pressure can cause structural damage to foundation walls and is likely to contribute to mold, dampness, decay and other moisture or water ingress related problems.

No matter how much water is getting through the existing structure, the problem can be stopped following thorough preparation of the substrate and the subsequent application of multiple coats of waterproof renders & screeds. tanking can be carried out both internally or by excavating around the structure but in most cases it is easier to tackle from within.

Other systems of waterproofing could also include crack injection, flexible joint bandage, waterproof membranes, paints & slurry coats.

Waterproofing conforms to BS 8102:2009 & BS EN 934-2:2001

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