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Exterior wall coatings offer a long life, exterior, resin based, protective wall coating that will completely rejuvenate your home’s exterior, regardless of surface or condition. there are several styles to choose from depending on the finish required.

Our team of roughcasters based in Glasgow can renovate the exterior of your property with all manner of wall coatings & finishes using products from Powerwall, K-Rend, STO & Allumast. Our highly experienced team will repair, prime and coat any exterior wall surface including render, roughcast, brick or stone, giving your home a clean & bright, crack-free finish for many years to come. If you have a specific color or finish in mind we can order samples to be made to give a visual of the end product.

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One of the most common causes of dampness and heat loss is caused by existing Render being cracked or spalled due to settlement of houses old and new or damage caused by adverse weather conditions. During the lifespan of a building thermal expansion can cause existing Render to become hollow and blown from the substrate beneath trapping moisture between coats which expands during extreme hot & cold weather.

In the last 10 years more and more properties have had exterior renovation carried out with Polymer renders or polymer additives mixed with traditional sand/cement mortars. This allows more flexibility and allows the building to breath and acts as a sound waterproof-er  as opposed to traditional rigid sand/cement renders with no additives, which can act as a sponge to trap moisture and can lead to internal dampness and Osmosis.

Other causes of failure can range from leaky gutter work, leaky downpipes,  poor window sills & coverings or maybe just the existing render has come to the end of its lifespan.

If you are also having problems with rising damp then a chemical Damp Proof Course (DPC) can be injected into the existing block work both internally/externally before or after our application of roughcast/render

We understand the importance of good bead work and always fix our beads to a plumb level. powder coated beads last much longer than traditional galvanized and in our opinion create a far better finish  examples of the types of beads we use can be found at Locusrite.

We always seal all weak points with silicone including round doors, windows & sills to block all water ingress.

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